The Hook

"Wow Nice Teeth" is a casual, funny simulation game, about brushing your teeth. The catch of the game is that the keyboard controls constantly shuffle around, which contributes to the game's humor and difficulty level.

Design Challenges

When first working on the game, I thought to simply make the WASD keys have reversed functions. But I saw that players quickly got accustomed to how the reversed WASD keys worked. To overcome this design challenge, I decided to have the keys randomly swap functions with each other, throughout the game. This way, the game would never become too easy.

To add some more complexity to the game, I decided to add a mechanic of using toothpaste as an ammo system. After the player brushes their teeth for too long, the toothbrush runs out of toothpaste, and needs to be refilled.  This mechanic added a lot to the game. If the player had unlimited toothpaste, they would move the toothbrush from one side of the mouth to the other, easily cleaning many teeth in a row. But since the player must leave the mouth and come back when their toothpaste runs out, they are only able to clean a few teeth at a time. Upon return to the mouth, the player must once again get their bearings in their new surroundings. Like the key-swapping mechanic, the toothpaste mechanic contributes to the player’s sense of confusion and bewilderment.

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