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About this Project

“Tag in Bananaland!” is a fun, cute, and casual tag video game. The game was created as a group project in Fall 2021, using Unity as our game engine. The game is inspired by the prototype Banaland Chase, made by Steven Yang. Our game follows in its footsteps, but improves upon it by going more in depth with our level design, art, and multiplayer mechanics. We expanded on Banaland Chase’s level design by adding slippery terrain, more grassy and fenced off areas, and new obstacles that players can hide behind. We expanded artistically by giving the game a new cartoony, hand-drawn, vivid art style, with simple but endearing animations. This aesthetic is reinforced by the game’s silly sound effects and upbeat music, creating a casual and playful atmosphere. Lastly, we expanded the game’s multiplayer capabilities, by designing the game for 2-4 players instead of just 2. To complement the game’s multiplayer capabilities, we have added other gameplay elements, such as the ability to throw each other around, and kick a soccer ball at each other. These mechanics were chosen to promote the game’s playful atmosphere, while simultaneously keeping the game simple and easy to learn.

Game instructions

To start the game, select how many players are playing using the keyboard. If you plan on using xBox or PlayStation controllers, plug those in before you start. Then, press X to start the game.

The goal of the game is to tag other players when you are it, and to avoid other players when you are not it. If you are not it, your score goes up faster if you are close to the tagger.

The game is over when the timer runs out. The player with the highest score wins.


  • Player 1 moves with ASDW, jumps using SPACE, and tags / throws other players using LEFT SHIFT
  • Player 2 moves with IJKL, jumps using ENTER, and tags / throws other players using RIGHT SHIFT
  • Players using Xbox or PlayStation controllers move with the left joycon, jump with A, and tag with the right trigger.

Project roles

  • Programmer- Eli Clendenning
  • Level Design- Jackie Murray
  • Character Designer and Animator- Josh Finkel
  • Environmental Artist- Hilary Chan
  • Music- Edikan Abia


bananalandMac.zip 39 MB
bananalandWindows.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

To play the game, download the files, and extract them from the zip. Once you double click the Unity file named "TagInBananaland_GroupPolish", the game will start running.

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