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About this Project

“Real Soccer” is a funny and chaotic soccer video game. The game is inspired by Charlee Liu’s prototype of the same name. Our game follows in its footsteps, but improves on it by going more in depth with our player movement controls, level design, and multiplayer mechanics.

We expanded on our player movement by taking inspiration from games like “QWOP” and “Goldeneye”. We wanted our game to have controls which are so hard to use, that they cause players to spend most of the game laughing at themselves, due to A) how bad they are at playing it and B) how funny the sprites look as they move. It was hard to work on the controls, because we had to balance a couple factors. We wanted the controls to be chaotic and hard to use, but we didn’t want them to be so chaotic that player’s actions felt meaningless; we wanted the controls to be just orderly enough that players could get better at using them, the more they played the game.

To contribute to the game’s strategic elements, we decided to experiment with our level design. We added pinball-like bumpers throughout the soccer field. This way, when players struggled to move around and navigate, they could try to kick the ball into a bumper, to propel it to a certain place on the field. This added to the game’s playful nature, but also added to the game’s strategy.

And we also expanded the game’s multiplayer capabilities. We designed the game for 2-4 players instead of just 2, to make the game feel more like real soccer (which is obviously a multiplayer sport). The game’s multiplayer capabilities also contributed to its strategic elements, just like the level design. One example of multiplayer strategy can be seen by examining how players space themselves relative to the ball. Beginner players will naturally all go after the ball, bumping into each other in a big pile of bodies. But more experienced players will have learned to stay positioned apart, so they can be prepared to get the ball if it bounces away from all the other players who are chasing it at the moment. These kinds of interactions would not exist if the game only had two players.

Game Instructions

To start the game, get your xBox or PlayStation controllers, and plug them in before you start. Then, press any key to start the game.

Typical soccer rules apply. The goal of the game is to score more points than the other team by kicking the ball into their net before the time runs out.


Players control two of their characters' legs at a time. When the left shoulder is held down, they can use the left joystick to control their left two legs. When the right should is held down, they can use the left joystick to control their back two legs. If no shoulders are held down, they will control no legs. Players need to keep switching which legs they are controlling, in order to move around the field.

Players can also dash by pressing A. Dashing amplifies your speed, so if you are already going fast before you dash, the dash will make you go very fast. But if you are not moving that much before you dash, the dash will have a weaker effect. 

Project Roles

  • Alex Du- artist
  • Josh Finkel- project management, UI, and particle effects
  • Leo Ji- programming and sound design
  • David Liao- programming, score UI, and background art


RealSoccer_Win.zip 48 MB
RealSoccer_Mac.zip 180 bytes

Install instructions

To play the game, download the files, and extract them from the zip. Once you double click the Unity file, the game will start running.

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