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The Hook

Pacific Takedown is a top-down pixel art action game set in a cyberpunk future. Play as the delinquent girl gang leader Mizuki, who’s got a personal vendetta against the sinister mega-corporation Pacific. Pacific has been slowly destroying her cozy seaside town, polluting the waters and taking all the people away into their brutal work schedules. Mizuki has seen enough! Armed with her metal baseball bat, she busts her way into the Pacific headquarters and decides to take matters into her own hands, smashing robots and discovering more about the nature of the company.

The goal is to destroy enemies by ricocheting them into walls, and making them bounce around like inside a pinball machine.


Advance onto the next floor by destroying all the robots, smashing up the Pacific offices on the way. Robots take more damage when they collide into walls and objects, so don't forget to take advantage of the environment.

Move the player using WASD. Aim and attack enemy robots using the mouse, and left-click. Dash by pressing Left Shift, and Interact using E. Press Escape to access the pause menu.

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The Team


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