This game was made by me as my final project in my Intro to Game Programming class at NYU in late 2019 in Gamemaker over the course of around a month.

The main idea is that you are a military tank who cannot stop shooting lasers no matter what. You have to dodge your lasers so as to not hurt yourself. You also have to think carefully about where to aim your laser, so as to not create unintended consequences. The goal was to make a game that was partly a puzzle game, and partly a bullethell game.

One thing I was proud of in this game was the texture of the sand (background), because I had never really made top-down terrain pixelart before, and it was very new to me. In general, detailed game backgrounds have been one of my greater artistic weaknesses and so I was happy that this one was at least much more passable than on any other videogames I had made. Another thing I was proud of is how the tank moves, how the treads animate, and how the tank’s gun rotates independent of the tank itself. I also really like the level design, and how the levels slowly introduce more elements, getting more and more complex, to teach the player how to play the game.

Music: Atmosphere by MetalMan1349 (
Other sound effects were from

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